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          Typical Cases
             EBZ160B roadheader for thin seam is a kind of jib armed machine with integrated functions of cutting, loading, conveying, as well as traveling, suitable to work in the coal or half coal lanes in underground coal mines
          1)Small height, compact structure, the Max. body height is only 1.5m and the Max. height of cutting boom is 1.6m, which can meet the requirements of tunneling of thin seam lanes.
          2) Electric and hydraulic mixed transmission, the remote control is easy, reliable and stable.
          3) With inner and exterior water spray device, which can reduce the dust during cutting
          4) The cutting head is small diameter with frustum shape, big force on the single cutting bit, reasonable layout of the bit, good ability to break rock and getting through the fault, small vibration, good stability.
          5)The rotation and hoisting can be achieved simultaneously, arc cutting can be achieved.
          6) Adapted specific independent loading and conveying system, which reduce the fault of loading and conveying device, improve the efficiency.
          7) The chief elements is imported.
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