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          FLP Diesel Driven Monorail Transport System

          The explosion-proof diesel engine monorail crane is a kind of auxiliary coal mine transportation equipment which runs on the special track suspended under the roadway roof. It is suitable for material transportation under long distance, large slope and heavy load conditions in coal mine, and also can be used for personnel transportation. The locomotive is powered by a low pollution explosion-proof diesel engine, which adopts electro-hydraulic control and full hydraulic drive. It can realize the direct transportation operation from the ground or underground depot to the mining working face.


          big drawing force, good climbing capacity
          good quality hydraulic parts from international famous brand, good realiability
          friction driving, rack driving, and hydride driving, can be applied in different roadway.
          color LED display screen is set in the drivers cabin, which can show the parameters of running state and each protection device

          DA controlled closed hydraulic system, low pollution
          equipped with running brake, park brake and over speed brake functions, which improve the safety
          equiped with wireless remote contro function, which improves the safety

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