Looking for Highland Park Real Estate? Read on…

Looking for Highland Park Real Estate? Read on…

Highland Park has been one of those many areas that suffered a downswing during the economic downturn. However, as Highland Park real estate looks to be getting back on track, the demand for houses in this area has surely shot up in the past year or so. Reducing inventory coupled with the rise in demand for Highland Park homes for sale. However, according to the general consensus, this hike in demand is yet to have any effect on prices.

When it comes to reasons for high demand of real estate in Highland Park, there are many reasons for the same. At present, the relatively low rates on houses and condos are one of the biggest reasons for the increase in demand for Highland Park real estate for sale. For example, here are a few houses and condos that fall between a rather reasonable price.

Of course, these houses differ in terms of various facilities such as pools, water/lake front, fireplaces, one, two or three stories etc. So make sure you check all these categories before selecting a home.

However, this is not the end of reasons that stack Highland Park so heavily with benefits. The education system here is one of the very best and this also serves as another reason for a lot of people looking for homes for sale in Highland Park. Another benefit of going for real estate in Highland Park is the low property taxes. In fact, citizens of Highland park pay close to 0.7% less when compared to the taxes in Dallas. Though Highland Park has a rather high entry point, this still makes for quite a healthy saving in terms of property taxes.

Areas such as Preston Road, Lakeside Drive, Armstrong Parkway and Beverly Drive are some of Highland Parks most prestigious areas. For example, Armstrong Parkway is best known for its Christmas tree that is lit up right at the start of the holiday season. The parade for the Fourth of July is another attraction of this area. The entire neighborhood lines up in the neighborhood resting back on their lawn chairs enjoying the celebrations.

As you would notice with most Highland Park real estate, the architecture here is rather traditional with touches of French provincial, Tudor as well as Georgian designs adorning the streets of Highland Park. On the other hand, you can also find a log of homes for sale in Highland Park that are completely contemporary. Even more interestingly, many houses here show a mix of traditional architecture with modern elements. Get into one of the smaller lots of town, and you are sure to feel the good-old tight community vibe coming through. There are many more aspects to look into when searching for real estate here in Highland Park. You can find useful highland park real estate listings based on the zip code: