Selling My Home

Are you thinking of putting your Dallas Area home on the market for sale? Perhaps your home has been on the market with another agent and it expired because the other agent failed to sell it. Either way, you’ve come to the right place.

Putting your home on the market and trying to get it sold is a very stressful time for homeowners. For one, nobody enjoys all the extra work that comes with keeping the home in around-the-clock tip-top showing condition. Then, if you’re going to be buying another home, if you’re like most people, you cannot afford to carry two mortgages so you must sell before you can buy. Finally, you’ve got a price in mind that you’re hoping for and it may or may not be realistic in today’s changing market. All these factors can be very stressful.

Listing With The Wrong Broker  Could Cost You Thousands

There’s a lot more riding on this decision than most people realize since it puts thousands of dollars at stake. Think about your equity, life savings and even your credit. It’s all on the line… Deciding who you are going to trust with handling everything for you and your family is an extremely important decision.

  • Would you hire the cheapest attorney?
  • Would you even consider an attorney who practices law part time and has another job to help pay the bills?
  • Would you use an attorney who’s a friend, just because you have known them for a long time and want to do them a favor?

Of course not!

You would seek out the attorney who practices law on a full time basis and actively defends people, with a track record of success. Right?

It’s no different in real estate.

Trusting the sale of your home, which is arguably the biggest financial investment people generally make, to the wrong agent will cost you dearly.

Why Premier Property Marketing Group is The Right Choice?

One way of minimizing stress is to choose the right agent.

We take a very proactive approach to marketing properties using our cutting-edge marketing system which is designed to sell homes fast and for the most money the market will bear.

As a matter of fact, we are so confident in our ability to get the job done that we have no hesitation to stand by our service by offering a portfolio of service guarantees to our clients:

  • Performance Guarantee – Our Guaranteed Sale Program, powered by our 89-point marketing system, is ideal for homeowners who need to sell fast.
  • Communication Guarantee – The #1 complaint consumers have about real estate agents is a blatant lack of communication. Communication is important to us and we guarantee it or you can fire us.
  • Easy-Exit Listing Agreement – The biggest fear people who have experienced their home expiring is to be stuck in another lengthy listing contract with a deadbeat agent. We believe that you should have the right to fire us if we’re not making good on our promises.

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